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Glaucoma in Valhalla

Valhalla Ophthalmologist
Valhalla Ophthalmologist

Glaucoma develops when your internal eye pressure has become excessive because your eyes are creating more eye fluid than they are efficiently draining, and here at Hudson Valley Eye Associates, LLP, we are dedicated to the timely diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of this eye disease, which can lead to serious consequences if ignored. Our Valhalla ophthalmologist provides specialized medical care for glaucoma.

There are no symptoms associated with early stage glaucoma. What this means is that it can form and progress to an advanced stage, while you are completely unaware that there is any reason at all to be concerned. That’s an alarming prospect, because by the time you do start noticing signs of glaucoma, it is usually because you have suffered some level of vision loss, or damage to your optic nerves. Either of those results may be irreversible, and in the worst case scenario, glaucoma can cause blindness. Our Valhalla ophthalmologist recommends that you come in once per year for a screening, no matter what age you are. This is an eye disease that affects people from very young to very old, and in between. Testing will be done, and that includes tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure. Additional testing, including photos of your optic nerve, are conducted as necessary to reach a conclusive diagnosis that also gauges how far the disease has gotten. In the event that you test positive, our Valhalla ophthalmologist will go over the possible treatment options with you. Among them are special eye drops, laser surgery, and microsurgery. Surgery is also performed when your optic nerve has sustained damage.

With an annual visit to our office, glaucoma can be treated and its effects minimized, even though it’s not completely curable. Be proactive and contact us today to arrange an appointment for a complete eye exam.

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