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LASIK Surgery in Valhalla

Valhalla LASIK
Valhalla LASIK

At Hudson Valley Eye Associates, LLP, we perform Valhalla LASIK in a comfortable and easy atmosphere. LASIK is a painless and quick way to correct vision that many people all over the world have had great success with. With LASIK surgery, patients usually have 20/20 vision after the procedure and find that their vision is clear and without the need for corrective lenses. Some people may still need to use corrective devices after the procedure, but it still helps correct eyes to make them better than before.

Valhalla LASIK procedure is done under topical anesthesia with numbing drops. Some patients may prefer to have a light sedative prescribed if they are nervous about receiving LASIK, but many find that they are more comfortable after going over the procedure with our doctor. LASIK is painless, quick and easy. The procedure itself is painless, and the only sensation patients may feel is slight pressure during the procedure, which takes about 15 minutes in our offices. LASIK is safe and practiced by many doctors around the country. Some patients may need to wear eyeglasses for night vision or for reading after the procedure.

LASIK cuts a tiny flap in the cornea which is flapped over to correct vision. The refractive procedure can also correct vision problems like presbyopia. For Valhalla LASIK, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes before your procedure. Patients must also arrange for a ride home, as they will not be allowed to drive afterwards. LASIK surgery works for nearsightedness, farsightedness and for those who suffer from astigmatism. For more information on how this revolutionary new procedure can help you, call Hudson Valley Eye Associates, LLP and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We can assist you and help you learn more about LASIK and answer any questions you may have.

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