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LASIK in Hawthorne

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Eye Surgery in Hawthorne

LASIK in Hawthorne
LASIK in Hawthorne

Sure you can just settle for your eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s effective, of course, in terms of giving you improved vision. But if you’d like to take advantage of a safe and simple way to achieve a permanent solution to your eyesight issues, with greatly reduced reliance on corrective lenses or even being able to eliminate them completely, you’ll be interested in the benefits of our LASIK in Hawthorne. This procedure, free of cutting, stitches, and bandages is done expertly here at Hudson Valley Eye Associates, LLP. And with a success rate for the surgery that is about 90%, you can feel confident that if you’re deemed a good candidate for it, you will achieve the results that you want. Best of all, it’s done on an outpatient basis. You go home the same day, and in most cases you can expect to experience improved vision the very next day or even later the same day as surgery.

Our LASIK in Hawthorne is done entirely with lasers. Prior to the procedure, you will be given anesthetic eye drops to numb you sufficiently in the localized area. Our eye surgeon will open up a small flap of your cornea, which is then peeled back to allow the reshaping of your cornea with the laser. The flap is then closed and sealed. That’s all there is to it. Afterward, you will probably experience a bit of eye dryness, but this is perfectly natural. You will be supplied with prescription eye drops to combat any discomfort, prevent infections, and keep your eyes properly moistened. Healing is very quick, and while some patients may have temporary blurry vision on the first day, this will pass quickly to be followed by a significant improvement in your eyesight.

The underlying reason for refractive disorders (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) is that your cornea becomes misshaped, thus directing the light that enters your eye toward the front or back of your retina, instead of in the center as is the case with normal vision. Our LASIK in Hawthorne does for good what your glasses and contacts do, which is to cause the light to once again strike closer to the center of your retina. Better vision awaits. Call us today.

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