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Cataract surgery in Hawthorne

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Hawthorne Cataract Evaluation and Surgery

Cataract surgery in Hawthorne
Cataract surgery in Hawthorne

Have you had trouble reading street signs while driving? Are you having trouble seeing clearly when you are watching TV or driving at night? If so you may have cataracts. Cataracts will never go away by themselves so there is no point in waiting to see an eye doctor to see if the problem will clear up. And if the problem is not cataracts, you will want to see an eye doctor soon. If you need cataract evaluation and possible cataract surgery in Hawthorne, make an appointment to see us at Hudson Valley Eye Associates, LLP.

At our optical practice we are very happy to have three expert and highly-trained ophthalmologists on staff. They are: Dr. Howard P. Phillips; Dr. Jean R. Tostanoski; and Dr. Edmund P. Farris. If you are concerned that you have cataracts, or have cataracts that are being monitored and evaluated on a periodic basis, you will want to see one of our fine eye doctors. Cataracts are a clouding of the eyes lends. They are not all the same and can be caused by different things. Some cataracts will not progress too far, while other cataracts can go on to cause total blindness. For this reason your cataracts should be evaluated by our eye doctor. If it gets to the point where you will need cataract surgery in Hawthorne, one of our expert eye surgeons will be able to provide you with the expert surgical care you need.

When cataracts are being monitored you may need to have frequent changes in your eyeglass prescriptions. This will enable you to see more clearly for an extended period of time. Eventually you may reach the point where you need to have cataract surgery in Hawthorne. Cataract surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries performed today. Many patients come to our practice requesting this type of treatment. Cataract surgery is generally performed on one eye at a time. The surgery itself is performed with a laser. The laser will create a tiny incision in the eye through which the damaged natural lens is removed, and a new, clear man-made lens is inserted. This lens will never develop any cataract problems, nor ever need to be changed. The surgery is done on an out-patient basis, using local anesthesia. The recovery time from this surgery is very short. Each person does feel differently but many patients are able to see clearly by the next day. If you would like to meet with one of our fine eye surgeons for cataract evaluation, contact us today.

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